Design - Electrical

Machine Design - Electrical Department

Spring 2015

Prepared By

Ahmed Mohamed Nagib Elmekawy, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Alexandria University

Machine Design - Electrical Department

Course Description

Designing Machine components has an essential role in our lifes. Mechanical engineering design is a major segment of engineering; it deals with the conception, design, development, refinement, and application of machines and

mechanical apparatus of all kinds. Designing Machines include sizing the parts choose, the appropriate materials and manufacturing process ro produce a safe and an economical product.

Reference Books

1. Beer F.P., Johnston E.R and DeWolf J.T., Mechanics of Materials, Fourth Edition in SI Units, McGraw-Hill, (ISBN: 0-07-124999-0), 2006.

2. RobertT C. Juvinall, Fundamentals of Machine Component Design, Fifth Edition, John Wiley, 2012.

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Ahmed Mohamed Nagib Elmekawy


Office: Mechanical Engineering Department, Heat Lab Offices.


Khaled Elserfy

Office: Mechanical Engineering Department, Heat Lab Offices. 

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Room: K

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