Course Overview

Biomechanics of Solids

Fall 2020

Prepared By

Ahmed Mohamed Nagib Elmekawy, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Alexandria University

Biomechanics of Solids

Course Description

Application of mechanics of solid principles to biomedical engineering problems; stress-strain of bones, viscoelasticity and constitutive equation of tissues

Reference Books

1. Beer F.P., Johnston E.R and DeWolf J.T., Mechanics of Materials, Seventh Edition in SI Units, McGraw-Hill, 2014.

2. Shigley J.E., Mechanical Engineering Design, Eighth Edition, McGraw-Hill, (ISBN: 0-07-056898-7), 2006.

3. Jay D. Humphrey, An Introduction to Biomechanics, 2nd Edition, 2015.


Ahmed Mohamed Nagib Elmekawy

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